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We offer comprehensive local tree care in the Nashville area.

When you think of tree services in the Nashville, Tennessee area, you may immediately think about tree removal after a storm. While our team at My Tree Guy offers this service, we also offer many other services, such as local tree care. When you contact our team, you’ll see we’re passionate about trees, and that passion is what drives us to provide your trees with well-rounded care, so they can thrive on your residential or commercial property.

Local Tree Care in Nashville, Tennessee

Along the way, we also want to help you learn more about what trees might do well on your property, such as canopy trees like the sugar maple or white oak. Additionally, you might consider understory trees, which only grow to be 15 to 30 feet. Examples of these would be the Japanese maple or a flowering dogwood. We’ll also work with you to understand what invasive species might endanger your trees as well as what common diseases impact trees in Middle Tennessee.

Many of our customers also want to know what signs to look for to know whether their tree is safe, dead, or dying. You might be wondering about this too. For instance, healthy trees have full, vibrant leaves throughout the growth season, while one of the earliest symptoms of a dying tree is a change in leaf color. Finally, while some trees lean naturally, an abrupt change in lean or a sharp angle may signal root damage, which jeopardizes stability and calls for an assessment by our local tree care team.

Outside of our recommendations and tips, we can also discuss the benefits of trimming, which promotes healthy growth, as well as pruning, which removes unnecessary branches and improves tree health.

As you can see, we’re much more than just a tree company; we offer well-rounded, local tree care that focuses on what your trees truly need to flourish on your property. Contact us today to learn more.

Emerald Ash Borer: A Threat to Tennessee’s Ash Trees

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive beetle native to Asia that poses a significant threat to ash trees in Tennessee. This small, metallic green insect targets ash trees, laying its eggs on the bark. Upon hatching, the larvae burrow into the tree, feeding on the inner bark and disrupting the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients.

The impact of the EAB is devastating. Infested trees show symptoms such as canopy dieback, D-shaped exit holes in the bark, and increased woodpecker activity. Without intervention, infested ash trees typically die within 3-5 years.

Protecting your ash trees from EAB is crucial. Our tree service offers expert assessment, treatment, and removal to manage and mitigate the damage caused by this destructive pest. Contact us today to safeguard your ash trees and preserve the health of your landscape.

Did You Know? The Tennessee State Tree is the Tulip Poplar.

It was designated as the state tree in 1947 due to its historical significance and prevalence throughout the state. The tulip poplar, also known as the yellow poplar, is known for its distinctive tulip-shaped flowers and large, straight trunk. It is highly valued for its hardwood, which is used in furniture and construction. The tree can grow to impressive heights, often reaching up to 100 feet or more, and is admired for its beautiful, bright-green leaves and vibrant yellow-green flowers in spring. The tulip poplar has deep roots in Tennessee’s natural and cultural history, symbolizing strength and beauty.

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