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When it comes to maintaining your property, you likely think about your roof, lawn, and appliances without giving a second thought to the health and well-being of your trees. If this is the case, you’re not alone. Many property owners in the Nashville, Tennessee area do the same thing. However, for your trees to thrive, they need proper care. The good news is that our team at My Tree Guy offers a variety of services for your trees, ensuring they look and function to their best ability.

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When you contact our team, we’ll assess your needs and create a customized plan that’s unique to your property. From there, our skilled team will complete the necessary tree services and ensure we clean up any debris left behind. You’ll find that we’re a hands-on company with attention to detail that can’t be beat, ensuring your trees get the care they need.

Whether you need tree or branch removal after a storm, you’re concerned about how close the branches are to your home, or you’ve noticed your trees don’t look as healthy as they should, we can assist you with professional tree services. We offer residential and commercial tree services that cover tree care, removal, stump grinding, trimming, and more. We’re also dedicated to our customers, which means we’ll take the time to answer any questions you might have so you fully understand your options and our process.

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Tree Removal

Our professional tree removal service ensures the safe and efficient removal of any dead, unwanted, diseased, or hazardous trees on your property. Our crew is nothing short of excellent. We use advanced equipment and techniques to handle trees of all sizes and leave your property better than we found it.

Tree Trimming & Care

Proper tree trimming and care are essential for maintaining the health and beauty of your trees. Our experienced climbers are top-notch, skillfully pruning branches to promote growth, improve tree structure, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your property. We also provide comprehensive tree health assessments and maintenance plans to keep your trees thriving.

Lot Clearing

Whether you’re preparing for new construction or need to clear land for agricultural use, our lot clearing services are thorough and efficient. We handle everything from brush and undergrowth removal to the extraction of large trees, ensuring your lot is ready for development or cultivation.

Stump Grinding

Unsightly stumps can be both a nuisance and a hazard. Our stump grinding service effectively removes stumps of all sizes, grinding them down to below ground level. This process not only improves the appearance of your landscape but also prevents potential trip hazards and deters pest infestations.

Storm Damage

Severe weather can leave a trail of destruction in its wake. Our storm damage clean-up service is designed to quickly and safely remove fallen trees, broken branches, and other debris from your property. We work swiftly to restore order and safety, minimizing the impact of storm damage on your home or business.




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